I’ve been a chemistry nerd since as far back as I can recall, but it wasn’t until I took a course on “What’s Brewing in Food Science” that the connection between chemistry and brewing lit a spark. 

I started brewing with my grandfather -an avid home brewer, while attending the University of Vermont. I grew to love the art and science of brewing - starting with a handful of ingredients and turning them into something completely different and delicious. 

Why should the big breweries have all the fun?

Early in my career I recognized a need for small-batch breweries to get consistent color and flavor just like the big dogs, but without the overhead. In 2016, I opened Zymology Labs, an analytical testing lab specializing in services for the alcoholic beverage industry. 

Consistent color and taste for all!

“Getting my beer analyzed by Zymology Labs gave me a lot of great insight into where my homebrew process is working and what aspects of the process and record-keeping I need to improve. I had no idea my fermentation efficiency was so low! I now have new benchmarks to work towards.” 

-Taylor P. Homebrewer


It’s all about the process

There’s a lot of behind the scenes activity during the mashing, brewing and fermentation process. It’s a creative process with near endless possibilities. The outcome is a unique beer or cider product dependent on living organisms and defined process to produce the perfect color, flavor, and body.

Is it magic or science?

There’s something magical about being in a brewery with the smells, ingredients, and science all in play. Small-batch breweries are especially fascinating, and whirring with a sense of community, passion and inventiveness. There’s nothing else like it.

Consistency maters

Your fans fell in love with your product the first time. At Zymology Labs, lead chemist Amy Todd applies accurate analysis and testing to ensure your beer is always perfect in color and consistency. 

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